Wholesaling Real Estate Marketing

When was the last time you used news paper ads to generate leads for your real estate wholesaling business? I say, Never underestimate the traffic you can get from newspaper marketing. Even though it is fading a way fast with the internet growing like it is, it still is able to generate traffic to your business and or properties that you have under contract. Now remember, keep it super simple.


Real estate marketing can be quite simple if you keep it that way. Just have to keep your marketing out there. Don’t place your ad in the paper and take it back out the next month, keep it in there. Try other publications to test the traffic. Testing, testing, testing. You must test everything to be able to better tune it up. I always advice bandit signs for people short on funds, but if you have a decent marketing budget, try other mediums, but keep the cost fairly low, and remember if you are not testing your traffic and or monitoring where it is coming form, you are wasting you money big time. How do you know what is working if you are not testing it and tracking? “But its to hard!” Well ok keep wasting your hard earned money. Fact of the matter is in any business, I mind my clients to be organized in this area of your business. Even if you are the biggest slob on the face of the planet and cant stay organized to save your life, make sure you are tracking your traffic sources to know what is working and have some control of your traffic.

What do you do with the leads that are calling off your news paper ads? Are you gathering their information, i.e. Names, numbers, email addresses, most importantly their phone number. The reason I say that is because even if you forgot their name, lost their email address and only have their number, when ever you get a property under contract, you can always send them a text message blast to him or her later and they will still get the message 90% of the time. You see Americans, love texting features on their phones because phone conversations at many times are inconvenient, time wasting, and ….sometimes you just don’t feel like talking to people. lol. I know one thing for sure, calling each and ever individual on a buyers list is time consuming work and I just could not do it anymore. They get a text every time.

For instance, you run this news paper ad, and the phone calls start to come in, You can either send them to a live voice answering service, or you can send them to your phone number that receives the call gets a voice message, and a text message that gives them more information on the property. You may want to direct them to a website and or video so that you personally don’t have to tell 230 people about the same thing over and over again every time you get a house under contract. Yes, technically you could send all of the people on your buyers list a nice email that they can look at but research is not showing that text message get opened and read 85-90% of the time over email that gets opened and read 30% of the time. This is a huge gap in the game, and I will be a part of it. You will continue to hear me talking about text message marketing in my post, simply because I will show you the future of marketing sooner or later.


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