Wholesaling Real Estate and all of that

Look, we already have an ideal of what wholesaling real estate is. If you don’t well here you go:

  • Find sellers that want to sell their homes (The uglier the better)
  • Get the house at a deep DISCOUNT and put it under contract. (Option Contract will do)
  • Market the deal to your buyers list. How? Email, Phone, SMS Text Message etc…
  • Get Cash Buyer to sign the Purchase and Sales Agreement – Take both agreements to closing agent
  • Profit

Easier said than done right, well not really. What many fail to understand about the business of real estate or any business that fails to get enough money flowing in, Marketing is going to be you priority to keep deals closing. The deal is your product, and you must continue to sell out. If the deal is priced right, it will sell. That’s the way love goes.

Lets not get to hung up on the word, “Wholesaling Real Estate.” It is what it sounds like, wholesaling real estate = buy low sell high. Well……technically you are not buying anything. You are simply securing interest in a property by placing it under contract signed by both you the man in the middle, seller, and buyer. You are in control of the deal, structuring the deal, organizing the parties, and getting the deal to the closing table. Sometimes it may not seem like its worth $2k – $5k a pop. But if happens to get this low at least you know that you wont have to report to the man in the morning for work. The amount you make all depends on the size of the house, area you live, if you offered to much, if your buyers list is fat enough, you know…. all those things.  Like the old saying goes, practice perfect, and you never know whats out there until you try on your own.

Real estate wholesaling, its all the same thing, just worded differently. Some call it flipping homes, but flipping homes is something totally different to many investors that have been in game for a while. With wholesaling, you never put up crazy amounts of money (risk) to try to gain a profit. Marketing cost are gong to be your main out of pocket expenses. Going hog crazy posting bandit signs all around your town, on telephone poles or with h wire stakes, you are going to get in your modes and blanket your town at times. Staying anonymous is a good thing with bandit signs and generating leads for sellers. Google voice does the trick.

Look, I know that I may be throwing a ot at your right now, but as you continue to read and watch the material that I release here and ride the wave, you will begin to understand the in this business, marketing is KING, and that is going to be my main view point with this site as well as with my lessons. Continue to stay tuned. I have so mind blowing information about marketing with and keeping your buyers list updated with cheap low cost text messages that are opened with 70%-90% open rate. Everyone I know has their cell phone near at all times. Who do you know that does not text? My point exactly. Stay tuned.

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