What was your last marketing activitiy?

When I question my coaching clients, this is a question I ask them on a regular. Marketing for real estate leads is the only thing thats going to make you fly as a real estate wholesaler. Believe it or not, you might need to exit the business if you are not consistently putting an effort forward in the marketing department. We cant BS and waist anymore time. Get you some bandit signs created and put them out at least every other day!
/Wholesaling and Realtor Marketing/I have noticed that many of my cash buyers are Realtors. Yes, many Realtors in my area like to buy cheap homes as investments also. There is nothing wrong with that. What does that say about your marketing campaign? It says that you were able to find a cheap home that they, even if it is no longer listed, could not close on or find. Never feel like a market that you are involved in is to saturated because 9 times out of 10 its not, is all about creativity, follow up, and of course how much marketing you can do. So as wholesalers, you will begin to get a confident boost when you see that realtors, are buying your homes for themselves. Some of you are asking, well why could they not find the home on their own? To answer that question, not many Realtors are marketing specialist that us real estate wholesalers are. You should consider your self just that if you are going to be successful in any business that you are involved in and not just real estate. Unless you are Donald Trump an can pay millions of dollars to marketing agencies to do his marketing and tracking for him, you will need to start to slowly fall in love with marketing.
/Why using a broker to help you find the perfect home makes sense /

These days a lot of people avoid using a broker when they are looking to buy a home. They assume that with all of the information that is available online that they don’t need one. While strictly speaking it is true that you can buy a house without a broker there are a lot of benefits to using one. In almost all cases you will find that you are better off with a broker than without one.

The main reason that you want to use a broker to help you to find the perfect home is that they know a lot more about the home buying process than you do. Buying a house is a complex process that has a lot of pitfalls, you can cost yourself a lot of money if you make a mistake, so having somebody who knows how to avoid all of those potential dangers can be a huge help.

The other big reason that you are going to want to use a broker when you are shopping for a house is that they can save you money. A broker is going to know how much a particular house should be selling for which should make sure that you are not over paying. In addition brokers are experts when it comes to negotiation which can help to bring the price down. Since the broker is not emotionally involved they can be a lot more objective.

If you are looking for the ultimate in luxury real estate and homes for sale you are definitely going to want to use a broker as they are going to know where all of the best homes are. While it is true that anybody can go online these days and look homes listed for sale a broker is still valuable as they can quickly sort out which are good options for our and which are not. Brokers know the local neighborhoods better than anybody else so they know where you should be looking based on what your buying needs. For example if you have children a broker can point you towards areas that have good schools.

One last benefit that is often overlooked when it comes to real estate brokers is that they have a vast network of other professionals that they work with. When you buy a house you will need the assistance of more than just a real estate broker, you will need a lawyer, a home inspector, probably a mortgage broker plus all of the professionals that you need to help you with the process of moving. Real estate brokers work with these professionals all the time and can often recommend good ones, this will save you all kinds of time and help make sure that all of the people you are dealing with know what they are doing.

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