The Michigan Market: It’s Not Just About the Cars Anymore!

Michigan has been hit from all sides, whether it is from the number of foreclosures happening all the way to the auto industry.  There is some good news for Michigan though, Ann Arbor has finally begun to swing its way toward normalcy as all of the foreclosed homes are driving up the pending sales statistics.  Although sales have continued to drop, the pending contracts from buyers have surpassed year over year just in the last five months.

Ann Arbor is a fantastic place for either a family or a college student to settle down.  With it being a college town, there is a lot for this tiny city to offer anyone and everyone and it is no wonder that the real estate is picking up in this amazing city.  Economically, Ann Arbor is the best place to be also because it is one of the hold cities that has held onto its jobs.  Many people who have been employed in Ann Arbor have no fear of losing their job and in this day and age – that is freakin’ amazing.

More to come on the real estate news in the next blog folks … stay tuned!

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