The Dream Apartment: Buying a Home

Three years ago, my family and I decided to buy an apartment in the Big Apple (New York, USA), but after a lot of thinking, we agreed that it would be a better idea to buy an apartment abroad. The benefits of having an apartment abroad are that you will always have a place to visit, without paying rent or hotel-fees. By traveling to the same country once a year, it will feel like a second home. You learn a lot about one particular culture, religion and history. That is better than buying an apartment in the U.S, which we know everything about.

So, after a lot of discussion, we chose to buy an apartment in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We had been there on vacation many times, and we felt comfortable there in the Middle East.

What we thought was to be fun and interesting, turned out to be frustrating and time-consuming. We had to decide where to live, how much we are willing to pay and if the area is suitable for our family (my husband, four children and I).

After surfing the net, we found a lovely apartment in Crystal Towers in the Emirate of Sharjah, a couple of minutes from Dubai. However, the communication with the manager was hard. They did not answer our emails, so my husband and I decided to go there to see if there was anything we could do to buy it.

When we got to the Crystal Towers real estate office, we were welcomed and discussed price and important issues such as residence visa.

My husband managed to be agreed on a reasonable price. It would coast us about

$ 92,700 and we would get the keys when the paperwork was finished. I was thrilled! Our search was over and we had found the most perfect place!

We go there two times a year, and we even persuaded my sister and her family to buy an apartment in the same building. Now we are considering moving there permanently, but we will see about that.


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