The art of wholesaling real estate

I do like to consider that when I am wholesaling real estate it is indeed an art form. From the time the bandit signs are created to the time when the phone starts to ring. You had to do or create something to get that check your picking up from the closing table.

From deciding what is going to go on your bandit signs, or what graphics you are going to use on your direct mailing piece to send out, it is all an art from folks. Because real estate wholesaling is a business, it is best that you absolutely love the art from you are involved in. Start to get even more creative in your craft and watch you not have any competitors to worry about. Truly. When you test your marketing campaigns and try new things, who can tell you that the raised or lowered response to your campaign was going to happen? Only you know the outcome of that marketing campaign.

I say that to say this. If you are not trying by throwing paint on the wall to see if it begins to look like a piece art, how will you ever know its beauty if you don’t grab the paint brush. 80% of people sit around and watch others gab life by the horns. The other 20% are action takers. What side are you on? An artist never sold a painting if they never picked up a paint brush. Take actin out here folks. The deals are out here.

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