Text Marketing in Wholesaling Real Estate

This is where the rubber meets the road. No other method of marketing I’ve found has had such a high open rate than text message marketing. Real estate investors nation wide are starting to realize the power of this thing we call texting. Who do you know that does not use text messaging features on their phones to communicate? At times it seems that we use texting more than we actually use minutes talking on the phone. Its what I like to call new aged marketing.

Text message marketing has changed the face of traditional marking because Americans are hog crazy over their phones. Check out these stats provided by The Pew Research Center;


When you add up these calculations it is not hard to understand why you as a real estate investor / wholesaler of real estate, marketing to cash buyers that want the homes you have, they will know about your home!!! Many of them will know about your home. You will be surprised how well sending a text message out to 2000 cash buyers at the same time works. Heck even if you only have 50-100 Cash buyers on your buyers list. I sure hope you have been collecting them phone numbers. Gather them up if you haven’t. Plug them into your SMS text messaging system and let er rip. You may be asking what text messaging system are you talking about Dee? Well… about a year ago I hired a programer that know about this type of stuff to program me a system that I could receive phone calls to specific phone numbers and have the system automatically send out a text message back to the person that sent it, i.e. directing the targeted lead to what ever I wanted them to see. Instantly they receive a text message when they make the phone call to my sign or any other type of advertizing piece.  They can even call in on a radio advertising and get the text message with the call to action included in the text they just received.

I will talk more about this handy dandy tool I have a little later, but the main reason why I had it programed was because, me, being the type of person that I am, I am always trying to find out how can I get my marketing cheaper. After trying several different text message service providers for my wholesaling business, I was amazed that many of them were charging anywhere between 3- 7 cent per text that you sent out. I had to get it cheaper. Way cheaper, in fact so cheap, I only pay .2 cents and that is to receive the phone call, let the caller listen to the voice mail, and get the text message sent to them automatically directing them to my offer. Its quite amazing and again I will say more about it later.

Anyway, text message marketing is a major part of my marketing strategy as of in the recent 6 months. When you want exposure and want it instantly, click a button and it is sent to all of your buyers on your buyers list, or all of your renters on your renters list if you have a lease option property available, its a beast!

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