Real Estate Wholesaling

A newbie to real estate wholesaling will try to analyze the situation to much and miss out on finding cash in the deal. Most of this business like many others is getting over your own physiological self. Our own self’s are going to keep us from making that move in real estate investing simply because we are not comfortable outside of our comfort zone. You must break it my friend. Step out. Seriously, it’s not as hard as you are making it. The game needs you just as bad as you need to profit from it. Just screen your leads you get in ,realize that not every seller that calls you is not going to be a deal. But please don’t throw away your real estate leads that you’ve spent so much time attention and don’t forget money on. You had to buy bandit signs right. Hope you got them cheap because we will flood the city and continue to keep the lead generation flowing it.  Now that you understand we are serious lets continue to analyze the situation.

I swear there are so many tire kickers in the game of real estate investing. Can you believe that people actually call my bandit signs just to try to be a part of my team. It can be a good and bad thing, but I got my team already, I will keep you in mind however. Chances I do are slim. Just don’t waist to much time on the phone with people that just like to hear themselves talk. And trust me you will come across a lot of them. After the conversation, what has be accomplished besides wasted time and wasted minutes on your cell phone. As a good friend of my always says,….Not a cotton picken thang. Lol.

Real estate wholesaling like a pro

Main thing, get your buyers list built. Craigslist is cool, but putting out signs is better and now with sms text messaging systems and tools that can help you gather your leads in one place so the next time that you need to notify them of a house that you have under contract for cheap, all you have to do is type in a 160 character text message and press send. At once, 300 people on your buyers list have been notified of a cheap house right on there cell phone, and they don’t even have to check their email. Sending messages via email is fine also, but it is not as reliable as your cash buyers getting a text message with a call to action as well as a website link where they can take a look at the house, full video and pictures for them to see. You will soon find out that people do buy houses with out having ever been to the house. Most real estate transactions in the world today are done over the internet. As you take this journey with me I will show you how you can use beautiful things like facebook, twitter and youtube can do for your business.

Which brings us to the topic of flipping houses over the internet, or some people lan call it virtual real estate wholesaling. However you want to put it, the internet has been a tool that fattens the pockets of numerous savvy investors right here in the US.

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