Real Estate Text Marketing

How many of you have heard about the new trend and are looking into a real estate text messaging service?

Getting your bandit signs with your SMS text message number routing calls to your marketing campaign is a brilliant idea in my eyes. Think about the amount of time it will save you if only the ultra serious buyers on your list that recently gets a text message about a house they just called about (via your bandit sign) and goes to the web address that has all the information about the property, pictures, descriptions, videos and all. Just imagine how much time that will save you? I always place on the site “Don’t Call Me If You Don’t Have Cash Money to buy this house. No I Will Not Do a Lease Option or Owner Finance. I do some craigslist marketing with my sms service number also and if you have ever done any craigslist marketing, there are going to be investors that want to turn your deal into a deal. lol. You are not looking for that type of buyer so don’t even waist your time and that is how I weed out these guys from the gate. Just thought I would throw that in there.

Anyway back to bandit signs. I cost you a full .02 cents to not only retrieve that lead from your bandit sign, but to also store that lead for later contact, and at the same time your prospect just got a text message with your website link that they can go to now or later to get more information on that house they just called about. Amazing stuff right?

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