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Many times I get the question, “What all do you use for marketing?” I often laugh at that question because it use so many different types of marketing, and even if I told them what it was, chances are they won’t try it for themselves. One thing that I must stress to the ones that are reading this message, when it comes to marketing your real estate business, not one single marketing campaign or marketing strategy will be the same. Never. No matter how hard to try to mimic another persons marketing strategy, its just not going to be pin point. Why? Because every person has different emotions, feelings and beliefs about everything. The thing about marketing that I want you to understand is when you find a method that is working for you, no mater how its bringing in the traffic, tune it up and make it better and try different tweeks. If its working and you want to leave it be, just make sure you know where its coming from and if its converting for you any.

Back to my routes, and my basics, you can call me old fashioned if you choose, but I find that bandit sign marketing is always going to be king over any other form of marketing in the business of wholesaling real estate and let me explain why.

  1. Its cheap and very affordable to mass market with bandit signs. It cost (depending on how determined you are) $1-3 per sign and you should not be paying more than this. This price better include the h wire stakes included to place them around town.
  2. It gets the message across effectively. Only people that have a home to sell you will call the number. Or in the case of you marketing for cash buyers, usually people with cash handy and realize the value of real estate as an investment will be the only ones calling you. (with the exception of the occasional contractor looking for work)
  3. It saves time and when the prospect calls the number they can be per-screened instantly, thus you get the information that you need, and the text message they they receive will direct them by the hand on the path that they should follow to get what it is that they just called for. (this is only if you use a text messaging service to direct your calls to your houses) Even if you don’t have a text message service, I use to just use Google Voice to per-screen my phone calls with a voice mail telling them what it is that I need in order to help them, and they would leave a message with that information.
  4. Target Marketing – You can target a specific area with these bandit signs. If you are looking for sellers in a specific part of your city you can leave these signs there. Where ever your buyers are buying up homes like crazy you can set your bandit signs in these areas only and generate leads from these property owners.

You decide on when to call them back if you ever call them back based off the information that they left. Again Google voice is a free service and you don’t have to worry about it. They even give you a free number. Just make sure you cut on Enable “Do not Disturb”, or you will be answering all them phone calls your self. Some people say that if you direct these calls in this way you will waist your leads because they want talk to a live person. I second that, but do agree that on some marketing campaigns that you should favor live voice over voice mail. For example the more expensive your marketing campaign the more you should wean more toward the live voice picking up the call and sending you the leads information via email or text. However for wholesaling leads, get the leads flowing now and even to this day I still use this method because it WORKS! Can’t knock it if you never try it as the saying goes. You guys have a wonderful day.

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