Real Estate Marketing ideas

Ok so you have a house under contract, its a wholesale deal and you have figured that you would make about $5800 at the closing table after your buyer and seller closed the deal. Not to shabby for a property you only controlled with a $10 binder deposit. This time just happens to be your 4th deal in 2 months and you already had bandit sings pumping all over the city pulling in both buyers and seller leads to be latter marketed to when you had a deal. Now you have a one. It closes and it’s deal number 4. No more going back to the rat race for you. Now you suddenly remember that you wanted to invest more into your marketing strategy to keep your real estate leads flowing in smoothly on time every time monthly. I tell ya folks, there is nothing like on time every time money every month and its not from a 9-5 job.

Now you are thinking, should I invest in real estate seo, I already have 1000 bandit signs in the garage waiting to go out, newspaper ad…check. There are tons of real estate tools that you could invest in. To me there is only one type of real estate tool that seems to be growing the most amongst the rest and that’s this trend of text message marketing. If you are not on it, you need to get on it. Its moving fast as heck, and at this rate, its going to keep going up, unless service providers start charging ten, twenty or 30 cents per text, then you may see a big change in this trend. I don’t see an increase this drastic happening anytime soon so jump in the upward trend.

Realtor Marketing agencies have become a victim of this trend also, I’m just not paying the same rates they are. Crazy, think I’m going to pay 4-7 cent a text, your seriously bugging. For real. lol.

I pay 1 cent to send a text message blast to my buyers list of lets say 1023 contacts that i’ve grown over time. Because they are already on my list each time I send out a text to them its only .1 cent per contact. so lets do the numbers. $10.53 to contact all of my buyers that this very cheap attractively priced 3 bedroom 2 bath home that needs some work is for sale. Website link and all yall. lol. The website has a full video tour of the house inside and out. Chances are the house is vacant and you have a lockbox with a clip board on the inside of the house. You better not go over there and show that house to everyone that asks to.

What are you chances that you will sell this house and how much time did you waist. You chances are high with new and better forms of marketing. Its 2012 guys, lets gooooooo……….!

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