Real Estate Investing Text SMS

Its here and its saving time and making profits for the savvy. I consider my self one of the savvy, and so should you since you are here reading my post, and I thank you for taking your time out of your day to read this. It meas a lot to me. If I go to fast just go back re-read or re-watch the video for clarification. I will be keeping things simple so keep up. Lets get cashed out yall.

Looking back on how fast marking methods have changed since I have been in the real estate game not much has changed except for one thing. Text Marketing. Just like when Facebook got stated people jumped on and rode a nice wave of profits by marketing via there services. In texting there is a huge hole in this market in the form of services offered to real estate investors specially. Most real estate investors are not programers or computer geeks to know how to code up a bot or system to do things that are convenient to them. I just want to let you know that I will soon be releasing a text message marketing took for all real estate professionals types.

As my father would always say to me, “Keep your ears pealed back.” I am saying the same to you, keep your eyes open and ears alert as I will be soon releasing it just putting the finishing touches on the final program. I feel that it is a game changer and it will be a system that you will be able to implement for many years to come as this trend of text messaging grows like mad.

You won’t have to have the gift of code and or html languages. My coder is a monster and the system that we have put together will give you the ability to send text messages to your targeted list for .01 cent. Receive phone calls to your phone numbers and automatically send targeted text messages to the targeted lead thus giving them what they asked for in return boosting your conversion rates within your marketing campaign.

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