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So you want to hire a real estate coach to help you with your investment strategies. One thing I like to ask a client is first, what have you already done in your real estate investing carrier? Do you currently already own a home, have you tried any real estate investing strategies currently, and if so which ones have been working for you? Which ones have not been working for you? What makes you sure that real estate investing is something that you want to venture into? I bet some clients wonder why I am asking so many questions. Or I get “I’m contacting you to be my mentor aint I?” That my friend tells me nothing. Lets face it, real estate investing is not for everyone, and not I will not hold your had every step of the way. My job is to get you thinking in a way that you can also spot and recognize a superb real estate investment when it comes your way. Realize the amount of risk it takes to get into the deal and the amount of reward. As a wholesale real estate coach, I always teach my prospects the benefits of minimizing risk as low as possible, because if you don’t you could bit the bullet in a major way. So lets begin…

Another key question that is asked, how much money do you have or how much in liquid assets do you hold. No only to see if this person can pay me, but also to see what type of risk reward does this individual have to deal with in the first place. If a person tells me that they have some money but cant spend it then chances are this person will need to start with the wholesaling real estate method.  If they have cash flow, and have an interest in accruing some local rehab houses, that may be a possibility, however, remember, risk reward. You don’t have to spend the money just because you have it, but understanding and wanting to hire a real estate coach to help you make these types of decisions is not a bad idea especially in the shakiness of the current real estate market in 2012.

Hire the right real estate coaching

What is about you real estate mentor that you adore. Many people come to me because they feel they can relate to my story.  Real estate training is indeed nothing that is not covered on the Internet. I am sure by the time you finish reading this article there will be another 100 real estate training course or some form of material on the net. Yes it may cost you some cash, but what people crave is that personalized one on one attention that a real estate mentors and coach brings to the table. If you are interested in a real estate mentor just let me know. Really consider why you need real estate coaching. I will ask you that question. I will leave you with ways that you can get in touch with me later.

Don’t feel that you have to stick to one form of real estate investing. Consulting with a real estate coach may be just what you need. Again when dealing with me, I will be asking you questions to see where you head is. I will charge for the consultation.  Many request have been made and I cant deal with the tire kickers that have never been serious about a thing in their lives. Of course, I am not taking about you. I am sure you get the picture. Let me know if you want a phone consultation.

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