Painting Your Home: It’s Curb Appeal! 2

Now that we have talked about how your home can be freshened up by a coat of paint, let’s talk about the colors.  The color scheme, as I said before is something that is very, very important.  This is not only true on the outside of the house but also on the inside of the house.  You want something outside and in that is not only going to reflect yourself but you want something that is appealing to the buyers.

Doing colors is something that is tricky; however you could take a chance.  You want to make sure that whenever you are doing colors, they are not going to be too dark, that way if the new buyer wants to paint over them, they will have the option to do that.

Outside, the color scheme should be something fairly simple.  White and black are two colors that work really well together however you could go with a cream color if you wanted too.

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