Customer Service Matters: 2

The internet is a fantastic place for you to do your research and find new clients, but customer service for your internet customers is very important as well.  Did you know that 80% of people use the internet to find their real estate agent?  With numbers that big, you always want to make sure that you are putting your best foot forward.

That is why you need to make sure that you are constantly checking your e-mails, as that is one of the major reasons why prospects move on – for lack of communication via e-mail.  E-mail is a huge, huge tool that you should be using.

However, picking up the phone is something that you should be doing too, as many customers like that interaction as well.…

The Importance of Personality in a Real Estate Agent: 2

If you and your real estate agent suffer from poor communication, then the relationship between the two of you can deteriorate at a rapid and rather ugly rate. The agent can start getting impatient, you can get frustrated, and things can just start really going downhill. The agent may even start thinking that you have no plans to actually buy or rent a home.

This is one vital reason to make sure that you choose a real estate agent whose personality matches yours: so that you can be completely honest right from the start. If you tend to be impatient, you have to feel comfortable enough to tell the real estate agent that.

If you tend to worry a lot, if you have a lot of questions, or anything like that, you have to be comfortable enough to disclose all of that information.…

Real Estate Marketing Tools

Many times I get the question, “What all do you use for marketing?” I often laugh at that question because it use so many different types of marketing, and even if I told them what it was, chances are they won’t try it for themselves. One thing that I must stress to the ones that are reading this message, when it comes to marketing your real estate business, not one single marketing campaign or marketing strategy will be the same. Never. No matter how hard to try to mimic another persons marketing strategy, its just not going to be pin point. Why? Because every person has different emotions, feelings and beliefs about everything. The thing about marketing that I want you to understand is when you find a method that is working for you, no mater how its bringing in the traffic, tune it up and make it better and try different tweeks. If its working and you want to leave it be, just make sure you know where its coming from and if its converting for you any.

Back to my routes, and my basics, you can call me old fashioned if you choose, but I find that bandit sign marketing is always going to be king over any other form of marketing in the business of wholesaling real estate and let me explain why.

  1. Its cheap and very affordable to mass market with bandit signs. It cost (depending on how determined you are) $1-3 per sign and you should not be paying more than this. This price better include the h wire stakes included to place them around town.
  2. It gets the message across effectively. Only people that have a home to sell you will call the number. Or in the case of you marketing for cash buyers, usually people with cash handy and realize the value of real estate as an investment will be the only ones calling you. (with the exception of the occasional contractor looking for work)
  3. It saves time and when the prospect calls the number they can be per-screened instantly, thus you get the information that you need, and the text message they they receive will direct them by the hand on the path that they should follow to get what it is that they just called for. (this is only if you use a text messaging service to direct your calls to your houses) Even if you don’t have a text message service,

Real estate coach

So you want to hire a real estate coach to help you with your investment strategies. One thing I like to ask a client is first, what have you already done in your real estate investing carrier? Do you currently already own a home, have you tried any real estate investing strategies currently, and if so which ones have been working for you? Which ones have not been working for you? What makes you sure that real estate investing is something that you want to venture into? I bet some clients wonder why I am asking so many questions. Or I get “I’m contacting you to be my mentor aint I?” That my friend tells me nothing. Lets face it, real estate investing is not for everyone, and not I will not hold your had every step of the way. My job is to get you thinking in a way that you can also spot and recognize a superb real estate investment when it comes your way. Realize the amount of risk it takes to get into the deal and the amount of reward. As a wholesale real estate coach, I always teach my prospects the benefits of minimizing risk as low as possible, because if you don’t you could bit the bullet in a major way. So lets begin…

Another key question that is asked, how much money do you have or how much in liquid assets do you hold. No only to see if this person can pay me, but also to see what type of risk reward does this individual have to deal with in the first place. If a person tells me that they have some money but cant spend it then chances are this person will need to start with the wholesaling real estate method.  If they have cash flow, and have an interest in accruing some local rehab houses, that may be a possibility, however, remember, risk reward. You don’t have to spend the money just because you have it, but understanding and wanting to hire a real estate coach to help you make these types of decisions is not a bad idea especially in the shakiness of the current real estate market in 2012.

Hire the right real estate coaching

What is about you real estate mentor that you adore. Many people come to me because they feel they can relate to my story.  Real estate training is indeed nothing that is not covered …

Real Estate Wholesaling

A newbie to real estate wholesaling will try to analyze the situation to much and miss out on finding cash in the deal. Most of this business like many others is getting over your own physiological self. Our own self’s are going to keep us from making that move in real estate investing simply because we are not comfortable outside of our comfort zone. You must break it my friend. Step out. Seriously, it’s not as hard as you are making it. The game needs you just as bad as you need to profit from it. Just screen your leads you get in ,realize that not every seller that calls you is not going to be a deal. But please don’t throw away your real estate leads that you’ve spent so much time attention and don’t forget money on. You had to buy bandit signs right. Hope you got them cheap because we will flood the city and continue to keep the lead generation flowing it.  Now that you understand we are serious lets continue to analyze the situation.

I swear there are so many tire kickers in the game of real estate investing. Can you believe that people actually call my bandit signs just to try to be a part of my team. It can be a good and bad thing, but I got my team already, I will keep you in mind however. Chances I do are slim. Just don’t waist to much time on the phone with people that just like to hear themselves talk. And trust me you will come across a lot of them. After the conversation, what has be accomplished besides wasted time and wasted minutes on your cell phone. As a good friend of my always says,….Not a cotton picken thang. Lol.

Real estate wholesaling like a pro

Main thing, get your buyers list built. Craigslist is cool, but putting out signs is better and now with sms text messaging systems and tools that can help you gather your leads in one place so the next time that you need to notify them of a house that you have under contract for cheap, all you have to do is type in a 160 character text message and press send. At once, 300 people on your buyers list have been notified of a cheap house right on there cell phone, and they don’t even have to check their email. Sending messages via email is fine …

Free Grant Money for Housing

Have you heard that there is free grant money for housing? Some of you must be thinking these are fake advertisements while some of you must have searched the net to find the truth. Well, it is true that there are free housing grants for people who need them, but there is a procedure through which everyone has to go through in order to get the money. If you go in search of these housing grants without any guidance, you will find it very tedious and time taking. It is better to make preparations and then plan and apply for the right grants that have the capability of funding your need.

Housing grants are available for people who want to repair or renovate their houses or make improvements to make living better and comfortable. Since the needs are different, so are the grants. You have to search the right grants and then apply for it. If you want to have a safe housing for your family, you can check out about the grants from the HUD department of your locale. Here you will be provided information regarding availability of the grants and the officials will also help you find the one for which you qualify.

Details of free grant money for housing can be researched from the legitimate website of the government also. Visit the website and browse through the housing grants. Depending on your need find out the grants and first of all try to find whether you qualify for it or not. The housing grants are given to those people whose houses fit in the standards set by the government and the value of the house is also comparatively less than the market rate. The HUD department can help you find one in your locality.

Make use of the resources to look for the most appropriate grants to apply for. You can also look for grants at local level and what your state government has to offer. Once you are able to find and apply for the best suitable grants, you will easily get free grant money for housing.


Government Housing Grants for Individuals

Government housing grants for individuals are available for all categories of people today. The only thing that you need to do in order to get the grant money is, qualify for the grants and then apply for it fulfilling the requirements. The application procedure for all grants varies from one another and so you have to read and understand the instructions carefully. Housing grants are of different types and available for the fulfillment of various needs. If you want to buy a new house or wish to repair or renovate your house, you need to apply for the relevant grants.

Search for the grants on the official website of the government so that you get complete and updated information regarding the grants you find fitting in your criteria. You can also find this out from the HUD department of your area, as they will be of great help for you especially if you are looking up to buy a new house. They will not only help you find the right grants to apply, they will assist you in looking for a good and safe housing that meets the standards set by the government. Once you and your house qualify for the grants, you will be allowed to place the application.

Remember that government housing grants for individuals are not available like gifts. You have to go through an application procedure, meet the requirements, submit the application filling accurately and submitting it to the relevant agency. You also have to wait for sometime to know the results of your grant application. You should be prepared for a negative result also. It is not necessary that if you have fulfilled all the requirements, you will receive the grant money also.

There are many factors that decide whether a candidate deserves the grant money or not. Try to persuade the panel and apply for the grants successfully. These grants are mainly for the lower and moderate income group of people. So when you apply for government housing grants for individuals you will also have to give your personal and financial details accurately and honestly.


What was your last marketing activitiy?

When I question my coaching clients, this is a question I ask them on a regular. Marketing for real estate leads is the only thing thats going to make you fly as a real estate wholesaler. Believe it or not, you might need to exit the business if you are not consistently putting an effort forward in the marketing department. We cant BS and waist anymore time. Get you some bandit signs created and put them out at least every other day!
/Wholesaling and Realtor Marketing/I have noticed that many of my cash buyers are Realtors. Yes, many Realtors in my area like to buy cheap homes as investments also. There is nothing wrong with that. What does that say about your marketing campaign? It says that you were able to find a cheap home that they, even if it is no longer listed, could not close on or find. Never feel like a market that you are involved in is to saturated because 9 times out of 10 its not, is all about creativity, follow up, and of course how much marketing you can do. So as wholesalers, you will begin to get a confident boost when you see that realtors, are buying your homes for themselves. Some of you are asking, well why could they not find the home on their own? To answer that question, not many Realtors are marketing specialist that us real estate wholesalers are. You should consider your self just that if you are going to be successful in any business that you are involved in and not just real estate. Unless you are Donald Trump an can pay millions of dollars to marketing agencies to do his marketing and tracking for him, you will need to start to slowly fall in love with marketing.
/Why using a broker to help you find the perfect home makes sense /

These days a lot of people avoid using a broker when they are looking to buy a home. They assume that with all of the information that is available online that they don’t need one. While strictly speaking it is true that you can buy a house without a broker there are a lot of benefits to using one. In almost all cases you will find that you are better off with a broker than without one.

The main reason that you want to use a broker to help you to find the perfect home is …

The Dream Apartment: Buying a Home

Three years ago, my family and I decided to buy an apartment in the Big Apple (New York, USA), but after a lot of thinking, we agreed that it would be a better idea to buy an apartment abroad. The benefits of having an apartment abroad are that you will always have a place to visit, without paying rent or hotel-fees. By traveling to the same country once a year, it will feel like a second home. You learn a lot about one particular culture, religion and history. That is better than buying an apartment in the U.S, which we know everything about.

So, after a lot of discussion, we chose to buy an apartment in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We had been there on vacation many times, and we felt comfortable there in the Middle East.

What we thought was to be fun and interesting, turned out to be frustrating and time-consuming. We had to decide where to live, how much we are willing to pay and if the area is suitable for our family (my husband, four children and I).

After surfing the net, we found a lovely apartment in Crystal Towers in the Emirate of Sharjah, a couple of minutes from Dubai. However, the communication with the manager was hard. They did not answer our emails, so my husband and I decided to go there to see if there was anything we could do to buy it.

When we got to the Crystal Towers real estate office, we were welcomed and discussed price and important issues such as residence visa.

My husband managed to be agreed on a reasonable price. It would coast us about

$ 92,700 and we would get the keys when the paperwork was finished. I was thrilled! Our search was over and we had found the most perfect place!

We go there two times a year, and we even persuaded my sister and her family to buy an apartment in the same building. Now we are considering moving there permanently, but we will see about that.


Is real estate wholesaling for you?

With all the wholesaling real estate information on the web today, I can understand how it can be frustrating to learn any one marketing method to bring in some seller leads.

Once people put out a few bandit signs and get on profitable phone calls they fell like the’ve lost at the game. Instantly they are down and jump out of the wholesaling game running back to ‘massa’ asking for their jobs back. Hey, what can I say, they may be just right where they need to be. Real entrepreneurs don’t give up so easy. Talk to any successful wholesaler and they will tell you that marketing for more real estate sellers is a lifestyle.…

Government Housing Grants- Its Time You Exercise Your Rights

Government housing grants are helping millions of people get safe and secure housing. The most remarkable thing about these grants is that the homeowner does not need to pay them back. The housing grants of government are competitive and you need to follow some useful tips so that you are able to obtain them. First check out the department of Housing and Urban Development or explore about these grants and their qualification requirements on Internet. You will get information on various government grants and also how to qualify for them. Here you can obtain housing even without giving any down payment. Besides these grants, you may also get low interest or interest free loans and gather information on other aids as well.

If you need government housing grants because your house was damaged due to any natural catastrophe, you need to approach Federal Emergency Management Association. If there are genuine reasons behind applying for housing grants, you need to contact the concerned department. There are government grants that are available for common people also and it is not necessary that the entire fund will be provided to you. Depending on many factors, decision is taken and financial aids granted. There are programs like government grants for first time homebuyers, grant for home repair, housing and real estate funding and so on.

You have to choose the right financial aid from various government housing grants available. You can get complete information on Internet. By filling a simple form you will also be offered suggestions to apply for most suitable grant. All the information are free and you can search as many as you want. It will be easy for you then, so, compare and evaluate and then decide on applying for the most suitable one. But before that you will have to find out whether you qualify for the grant or not.

If you have decided to take advantage of the government housing grants, you should find out the requirements from the concerned website or office. If you are able to provide the necessary documents, you can easily apply for them and there are maximum chances that you will obtain the specific grant.


Lease Options are an Option

This title sort of explains what I will be discussing with you guys today. When you are marketing for wholesale deals or any other types of real estate you are going to come across tons of other types of opportunities that you can profit from. For example, many people that are involved in the market of wholesaling properties, they know that most of the leads that come there way are not going to be deals that qualify for a wholesale transaction. You will be surprised at what types of phone calls come in.

You will find that many property owners just want a way out. Many of the calls you receive are from beautiful homes that don’t need any work at all. Chances are you won’t be able to get a super discount, but with any deal we are interested in as real estate investors, we’ll need some sort of a discount or there will be no real reason for us to get involved in the transaction in the first place. Back to the deal with the pretty house that needs no repairs; So the owner calls you on a house that is fairly new, needs no repairs, is current on payments, and he just needs to move out of state or just recently got a divorce and the house is vacant. What do you do?

Some people will tell you to leave it alone. I will tell you to take advantage of these calls that you are receiving and milk them for all quality. I mean why waist a lead. If you are like me, you like to learn as much as you can about creative real estate transactions so that when unique deals like this come your way, you will be able to jeopardize on them and profit. You my friend have just created another income stream if you learn a new method of closing on a real estate transaction. I personally would have tried to get this home under a lease option agreement. I won’t go any further but with all of the information on the net today, it wont be hard to find out how to organize these types of transaction.

When you think about it there are all types of transactions that take place, REO’s, Wholesale deals, Rehab deals, Probate, lease option deals, and the list goes on a and on.  Always keep an open mind and never stop learning. These are my words of advice …