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Bradford Hostel Vacancies Online
View the list of vacancies here

The Bradford City Centre Project has gathered resources to generate an online system listing the vacancies in the Bradford Area.

This ambitious project aims to help advice organisations finding a bedspace quickly and easily in the Bradford, Keighley and Shipley areas, helping more homeless people to stay off the streets.

The list of hostel vacancies will be updated daily at 10:00am.

Ian Summerskill, who is an advisor of the Bradford City Centre Project believes this will greatly assist the work of advisors from other projects.

Hostel Moved to Skargill House

After a long period of preparation and strenuous co-ordination, the Hostel has moved from its premises to Skargill House. The new hostel will be able to accommodate an additional two young people and there are plans for a short stay emergency accommodation space.
The move was completed in November 2005. Telephone and Fax numbers remain unchanged.

Bicycle Ride campaign succesfully completed

The BCCP campain against the single room rent has been succesfully completed. A group has left Bradford on September 2005 and cycled all the way to London, carrying the signed petitions all the way to 10 Downing Street.

The amazing feat took four days to complete, passing through many major locations along the way. Chris Darwin, the main force behind the project says it was exhausting but memorable and definitely well worth it!

We hope Downing Street is also impressed.

Facts about Homelessness

Who is Homeless: Any person who is roofless or lives in unfit conditions, resides in overcrowded houses or stays over with friends/relatives. Anyone with no fixed place of residence is considered homeless.

What are the main reasons for Homelessness?
According to the City of Bradford Metropolitan District council (2002/2003) Homelessness Strategy and Review the main reasons for homelessness are:

Domestic Violence 30.30%
Relatives/Friends will no longer accommodate 20.20%
Other Loss of Rented Accommodation 18.00%
Parent No longer willing to accommodate 7.07%
Termination of Assured Stronghold Ten 5.88%
Non-violent relationship breakdown 4.50%
Leaving NAAS accommodation 3.21%
Mortgage Arrears 1.65%
Harassment, threats, etc 1.47%
Institution / Care 1.47%
Rent Arrears – Private / HA / LA 1.19%
Other 5.05%

For the statistics gathered by the Bradford City Centre Project read our Annual Report 2003 / 2004 (354KB)