Marketing with bandit signs again?

Call it what you want. Cost effective marketing at its best. Bandit sign marketing kicks ass, and I usually don’t use profanity in my articles but this time I will leave that in there. I started my whole business on bandit signs. I have branched off into other ventures outside of real estate using bandit signs. Bandit signs are cheap, bandit signs are sexy, bandit signs can be cute, and can also be very ugly. Believe it or not, the ugly bandit signs are usually the ones that grab the most attention and get the most calls. Listen up folks, you don’t have to be all cute and fancy with these things. They are meant to do one thing and one thing only, and that’s to get the phone ringing so that you can start screening some leads and possibly get some deals and cash flow rolling in.

They come in may different sizes, colors and prices. What I have learned is that also come with many different motives. You wont be the only one using bandit signs in your city. Look and see what other business are marketing with their signs. You see them everywhere right? Oh you don’t, well you need to be that guy. lol. You should not be paying more than 2 bucks a sign. H wire stakes cost a buck or 2. You have 4 bucks into 1 sign, but if you are serious enough to minimize your cost, you can start printing them your self and laminating them with 3 mil lamination pouches, taping them to an h wire stake. Yeah, when I say guerrilla marketing is in effect for here on out, you better get ready.

Seriously, if bandit signs did not work, you would never see them all over the place, posted in the grass with stakes or on phone poles. Its all marketing. In the real estate field they are used by every single type of profession. From realtors, to brokers, to wholesalers, to landlord. Sell the sizzle and you will get the calls. So many people want to be hand feed but if you don’t try different messages out for your self you wont know what works will you. Usually for sellers its We Pay Cash For Houses and your number, and for cash buyers its, Handyman Special Cheap Cash and your phone number. You can get creative and add some numbers such as price in the sign to see what bites.

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