Market Conditions: A Slight Jump Ahead!

It seems that the waiting is paying off because not only is D.C getting their act together, but we have also seen a small jump in the sales in the Western region of the country!   Although, despite this jump, the entire market is underperforming.  In the past decade, we have added in about twenty-five million people to our population and the ability to afford a house could not be higher for most people but the household formation is much, much lower than expected.

Obama really does have his hands full if he expects to jump the real estate market into gear for the spring and summer months – we have to wait and see, but our newest president definitely has his hands full and if he wants to make sales, he will definitely have to work fast!

Everywhere in the world, people are dropping the cost of their homes and losing all sorts of money – even with the bailout, it simply does not seem to be helping.  Obama is tightening those purse strings in the white house, but let’s hope that he can save our great country!

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