Lease Options are an Option

This title sort of explains what I will be discussing with you guys today. When you are marketing for wholesale deals or any other types of real estate you are going to come across tons of other types of opportunities that you can profit from. For example, many people that are involved in the market of wholesaling properties, they know that most of the leads that come there way are not going to be deals that qualify for a wholesale transaction. You will be surprised at what types of phone calls come in.

You will find that many property owners just want a way out. Many of the calls you receive are from beautiful homes that don’t need any work at all. Chances are you won’t be able to get a super discount, but with any deal we are interested in as real estate investors, we’ll need some sort of a discount or there will be no real reason for us to get involved in the transaction in the first place. Back to the deal with the pretty house that needs no repairs; So the owner calls you on a house that is fairly new, needs no repairs, is current on payments, and he just needs to move out of state or just recently got a divorce and the house is vacant. What do you do?

Some people will tell you to leave it alone. I will tell you to take advantage of these calls that you are receiving and milk them for all quality. I mean why waist a lead. If you are like me, you like to learn as much as you can about creative real estate transactions so that when unique deals like this come your way, you will be able to jeopardize on them and profit. You my friend have just created another income stream if you learn a new method of closing on a real estate transaction. I personally would have tried to get this home under a lease option agreement. I won’t go any further but with all of the information on the net today, it wont be hard to find out how to organize these types of transaction.

When you think about it there are all types of transactions that take place, REO’s, Wholesale deals, Rehab deals, Probate, lease option deals, and the list goes on a and on.  Always keep an open mind and never stop learning. These are my words of advice for you today.

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