House For Rent: Do You Know How To Rent Your Home?

Now that we have discussed a little bit about renting your house such as drawing up a contract, the next step is going to be deciding whether or not you are going to furnish the house that you are going to rent.  There are pros and cons to doing so and you really have to weight them out in order to see if it is worth it to really furnish it.

Firstly, one of the cons is that you have to actually buy all of the furniture and such and make sure that it looks halfway decent – that is a lot of work for someone that you do not even know.  However, there is a flip side and that is going to be that you do get to charge more when you provide a furnished house, so that is something to consider.

It is all your decision, but just know, that if you do furnish the house, you can absolutely charge more and even put a clause in the contract that the renter’s have to pay for the property if it is damaged.  More to come!

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