Hawaii Home Foreclosures: It’s Bad Out There …

It’s true, everyone knows that it is bad out there, every single person knows that with the amount of foreclosures, the amount of hud homes and the amount of people abandoning their homes is up and the economy is in pretty bad shape.  What I did not realize is that it is all across the board and has finally reached its way to Hawaii.  The number of Hawii’s homes that have been foreclosed on has doubled during the third quarter last year.  There are about 313 properties that are currently being foreclosed on.

It’s terrible, I mean I live in Michigan and I am constantly seeing foreclosed homes, but I had no idea that it was as bad as it really is.  Hawaii estimates that for every 1,345 households, one of them is going to be foreclosed on and that is absolutely terrible.

Well folks, hopefully things look up with changes being done in the white house and hopefully there will be no more blogs about how bad it is.  Here’s to hopin’ folks!

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