City To City Moving

Let’s face it, city to city moving is a drag. Moving in general is often times a major pain in the neck, back, legs, arms, and sides. It’s never fun and most of us want to do as little of it as possible. In fact, those who can afford it frequently hiring moving companies and pay them thousands and thousands of dollars to do the whole thing, Unfortunately, most of us can’t afford to do that.

Some companies provide a service called “City to City Moving.” Rather than renting a truck or paying for a moving company, many of which are highly unethical and exploitative, you can choose to do something else. This third option, city to city moving, requires the moving resident to pack his or her things into incredibly durable, strong, portable storage units. These companies then deliver your belongings to your new home whenever you want.


City to City Moving Makes the Whole Process Much Less Stressful

Having worked as a mover for several summers during high school, I understand how stressful and complicated moving can be. It can also be very expensive. I made good money as a mover. More options exist today for those people moving from one city to another and many of these options are less expensive and more convenient. Competition breeds efficiency and lower prices.

That’s the beauty of capitalism. Most moving companies are the same and the only way they differentiate themselves is through reputation. When it comes to moving companies, most people say the moving company is either honest or dishonest. Well, I want more than honest. I expect honesty. I want convenience, service and reliability and very few city to city moving companies offer all of that. Luckily, I identified one.

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