Changing the game this year in real estate marketing

Another year another dollar some say. Lets expect 2017 to be a year of profit for all real estate investors world wide. For us wholesalers, we will continue to remain nice and tight on our marketing tactics. Remembering that as real estate wholesalers, we did not get where we are right this very moment without a few good solid real estate marketing strategy that we keep right in the pocket.

I think that 2017 will be a bionic year in the realm of real estate adaptation. Only the real chameleons of the business will survive. If you have not noticed, everything on the internet is moving faster and getting bigger. The new real estate market is the internet. It has been this way for a very long time. For example, people that wholesale real estate no longer have to rely on getting in the car to go and check out a fresh new lead, they can find out what type of area they are dealing with from google and bing maps alone. I mean actually getting street views of the neighbor hood. Directly from the phone.  Yes, its here people. Adapt, or get ran over.

What should you expect in 2017? I would start off by saying focus on building your web presence. We live in a time when our potential clients can get a feel for us over the web directly from our website.  How do we get our clients to get all mushy feeling, happy go lucky about our services as real estate wholesalers? Present ourselves to them as if you were walking up to there front door. The only difference is your on a video screen. Yeah, I know, get over your self and adapt to the new wave. The new form of real estate marketing. Using video in a major way. Get comfortable with it because it converts people.

I suggest you never stop learning.  We can truly do what ever it is that we want to do by doing some research on a device we have sitting snuggly in our back pocket.

So basically, no more excuses!

Expect the internet to keep rewarding website owners in 2017. If you built a website a few years ago to generate online leads to your real estate business, chances are you are in a superior position of someone else whom is just starting in your local area. Its a numbers game when it comes to generating more real estate leads. More and more people are looking to google and other online avenues to sell their homes.

It is up to us to stay abreast of marketing methods we can expose and exploit to build our network/business to the next level.

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