Protect Your Personal Property Via Renting Insurance!

Renting is something that many, many people do – heck, I do it and one thing that I got when I first started to rent was renters insurance.  Renters insurance is actually insurance that protects your stuff.  Let’s say that your apartment has a fire or even is flooded out – you have lost everything and you will probably have to pay to get it back.

Renter’s insurance is definitely one of the most important things that any renter should get and really, you can get it from any insurance company and the price is not even that bad – only about $100.00 a year or a little more and it covers the cost of your stuff.

So if you are renting and currently do not have renter’s insurance, you should definitely invest in it.…

Real Estate basics: Understanding home refinancing

Your mortgage will most likely be the biggest debt you have ever to deal with your in your life. It is also quite long-term with home loans stretching between fifteen to thirty years. Along the course of this investment, as a homeowner you need to find means to maximize your equity and lower your debt. Here refinancing comes into the picture.

Reasons to do home refinancing

  1. Get a better interest rate – This is among the top reasons why homeowners wants to refinance. You basically swap a higher interest rate for a lower interest rate loan. This makes you monthly mortgage lower compared to your old one.
  2. Different type of mortgage – If you opted for an ARM or adjustable rate mortgage when you started the loan, you can expect the monthly payments to go up after some time. You can refinance and go for a fixed-rate loan so you can lock the interest rate and not be subjected to market fluctuations.
  3. Home equity – If you have improved your finances through the years, you might be more comfortable paying your mortgage. You can refinance and get a loan with a shorter term. If you do not want to refinance, you can also make additional payment every month to build the value of your home faster.
  4. Taking out cash – You can also refinance your mortgage and tap into the value that you have in your home. You can practically use this extra funds for other purposes like a home improvement, paying off other debt, or for your vacation.

You have to consider a lot of things when thinking of refinancing. Make sure that you consider potential penalties, how long will you still be staying in your current home, taxes, monthly payments, and equity among others.…


Now that we have talked about how you can advertise via the standard open house sign and where you need to put that sign, it is now time to talk about other means that you can advertise your open house.

The internet is a fantastic thing that you can use to truly get the word out there that you are having an open house and where.  Places like and even the classifieds are fantastic to truly let the public know that you are having an open house.

You want to make sure that you use the free means of internet, that way you can make sure that you are not going over your budget on your advertising – that is something that every single real estate agent worries about, I know that.… I'LL TRADE YOU A QUARTERBACK FOR A DEFENSIVE BACK

Well, it’s that time again.  Pro sports franchises are trading players left and right.  In Miami, our NFL pro football team is in search of a quarterback.  You do realize that the Miami Dolphins should be doing a Section 1031 exchange don’t you??  Ah, you don’t understand what I mean?  If you have been reading my blog, then you are aware that under I.R.C. Section 1031, a taxpayer can exchange (sell) an investment property or property used in a trade or business, for another “like kind” investment property or property used in a trade or business, and defer paying any tax on the profit.  Of course they should use an independent Qualified Intermediary to handle the paperwork and monies being transferred, as the taxpayer and its agents should not hold the money.

So what does that have to do with the Miami Dolphins or any other sports franchise?  Most 1031 exchanges involve real estate exchanges. Personal property exchanges are also allowed, but the standard of what is “like kind” is narrower on personal property exchanges.  Yes, you can exchange an automobile for an automobile.  Likewise, you can also exchange (trade) a major league sports contract for another major league sports contract.  Hmm–I certainly hope these sports franchises are aware of this wonderful tax deferral technique.…

Repairs That Will Help Sell Your Home: You Should See These!


It is pretty obvious in this day and age that the real estate line is going down hill, not everywhere but most places, so if you are one of the many people that are forced to sell their home and relocate, this blog is for you.  There are quite a few home repairs that will not only help out your homes value but will also help to sell your home that much faster.

Firstly, decluttering your home is a fantastic way to ensure that whoever is looking at your home can get the full view and feeling of your house.  Making sure that every inch of every room has no clutter in it and is completely clean is a great way to attract potential buyers and ensure that they can see everything about every room in your house.

Make sure that if anything needs to be painted, you go ahead and paint it.  Ensuring that the backyards as well as the front yard of your house look great is a good place to start too.  Appearance is everything when you are trying to sell your house, especially in these tough times!…

How to Sell Your House!

Getting rid of the clutter in your house is imperative when you are putting it up for sale. It will make the entire process more real for you, in addition to making a good impression on both your real estate agent and, more importantly, on potential buyers.

Once you have lived in a house for a while, you are bound to have a lot of clutter. Much of it has sentimental value and may be important to you. However, you have to admit, that quite a lot of it amounts to so much junk. Even before you start packing in earnest, you should begin separating the clutter from the junk. The former can be organized. It might be a good idea for you to finally throw the latter away once and for all. This is an excellent time to do it. If you have not used something in over a year, or even longer, then you probably do not need it anymore. You can either throw it away or donate it to someone or some organization which can use it.

As for the clutter, well, that can be anything. Packing up your books, your knick knacks, and the items cluttering the kitchen counters is another great way to begin depersonalizing your house. You can separate the essential items from those items which are not essential, and mark your boxes accordingly. You will be surprised at how much packing you can get done by doing this.…

Customer Service Matters: 2

The internet is a fantastic place for you to do your research and find new clients, but customer service for your internet customers is very important as well.  Did you know that 80% of people use the internet to find their real estate agent?  With numbers that big, you always want to make sure that you are putting your best foot forward.

That is why you need to make sure that you are constantly checking your e-mails, as that is one of the major reasons why prospects move on – for lack of communication via e-mail.  E-mail is a huge, huge tool that you should be using.

However, picking up the phone is something that you should be doing too, as many customers like that interaction as well.…

The Importance of Personality in a Real Estate Agent: 2

If you and your real estate agent suffer from poor communication, then the relationship between the two of you can deteriorate at a rapid and rather ugly rate. The agent can start getting impatient, you can get frustrated, and things can just start really going downhill. The agent may even start thinking that you have no plans to actually buy or rent a home.

This is one vital reason to make sure that you choose a real estate agent whose personality matches yours: so that you can be completely honest right from the start. If you tend to be impatient, you have to feel comfortable enough to tell the real estate agent that.

If you tend to worry a lot, if you have a lot of questions, or anything like that, you have to be comfortable enough to disclose all of that information.…

Real Estate Marketing Tools

Many times I get the question, “What all do you use for marketing?” I often laugh at that question because it use so many different types of marketing, and even if I told them what it was, chances are they won’t try it for themselves. One thing that I must stress to the ones that are reading this message, when it comes to marketing your real estate business, not one single marketing campaign or marketing strategy will be the same. Never. No matter how hard to try to mimic another persons marketing strategy, its just not going to be pin point. Why? Because every person has different emotions, feelings and beliefs about everything. The thing about marketing that I want you to understand is when you find a method that is working for you, no mater how its bringing in the traffic, tune it up and make it better and try different tweeks. If its working and you want to leave it be, just make sure you know where its coming from and if its converting for you any.

Back to my routes, and my basics, you can call me old fashioned if you choose, but I find that bandit sign marketing is always going to be king over any other form of marketing in the business of wholesaling real estate and let me explain why.

  1. Its cheap and very affordable to mass market with bandit signs. It cost (depending on how determined you are) $1-3 per sign and you should not be paying more than this. This price better include the h wire stakes included to place them around town.
  2. It gets the message across effectively. Only people that have a home to sell you will call the number. Or in the case of you marketing for cash buyers, usually people with cash handy and realize the value of real estate as an investment will be the only ones calling you. (with the exception of the occasional contractor looking for work)
  3. It saves time and when the prospect calls the number they can be per-screened instantly, thus you get the information that you need, and the text message they they receive will direct them by the hand on the path that they should follow to get what it is that they just called for. (this is only if you use a text messaging service to direct your calls to your houses) Even if you don’t have a text message service,

Real estate coach

So you want to hire a real estate coach to help you with your investment strategies. One thing I like to ask a client is first, what have you already done in your real estate investing carrier? Do you currently already own a home, have you tried any real estate investing strategies currently, and if so which ones have been working for you? Which ones have not been working for you? What makes you sure that real estate investing is something that you want to venture into? I bet some clients wonder why I am asking so many questions. Or I get “I’m contacting you to be my mentor aint I?” That my friend tells me nothing. Lets face it, real estate investing is not for everyone, and not I will not hold your had every step of the way. My job is to get you thinking in a way that you can also spot and recognize a superb real estate investment when it comes your way. Realize the amount of risk it takes to get into the deal and the amount of reward. As a wholesale real estate coach, I always teach my prospects the benefits of minimizing risk as low as possible, because if you don’t you could bit the bullet in a major way. So lets begin…

Another key question that is asked, how much money do you have or how much in liquid assets do you hold. No only to see if this person can pay me, but also to see what type of risk reward does this individual have to deal with in the first place. If a person tells me that they have some money but cant spend it then chances are this person will need to start with the wholesaling real estate method.  If they have cash flow, and have an interest in accruing some local rehab houses, that may be a possibility, however, remember, risk reward. You don’t have to spend the money just because you have it, but understanding and wanting to hire a real estate coach to help you make these types of decisions is not a bad idea especially in the shakiness of the current real estate market in 2012.

Hire the right real estate coaching

What is about you real estate mentor that you adore. Many people come to me because they feel they can relate to my story.  Real estate training is indeed nothing that is not covered …