What was your last marketing activitiy?

When I question my coaching clients, this is a question I ask them on a regular. Marketing for real estate leads is the only thing thats going to make you fly as a real estate wholesaler. Believe it or not, you might need to exit the business if you are not consistently putting an effort forward in the marketing department. We cant BS and waist anymore time. Get you some bandit signs created and put them out at least every other day!
/Wholesaling and Realtor Marketing/I have noticed that many of my cash buyers are Realtors. Yes, many Realtors in my area like to buy cheap homes as investments also. There is nothing wrong with that. What does that say about your marketing campaign? It says that you were able to find a cheap home that they, even if it is no longer listed, could not close on or find. Never feel like a market that you are involved in is to saturated because 9 times out of 10 its not, is all about creativity, follow up, and of course how much marketing you can do. So as wholesalers, you will begin to get a confident boost when you see that realtors, are buying your homes for themselves. Some of you are asking, well why could they not find the home on their own? To answer that question, not many Realtors are marketing specialist that us real estate wholesalers are. You should consider your self just that if you are going to be successful in any business that you are involved in and not just real estate. Unless you are Donald Trump an can pay millions of dollars to marketing agencies to do his marketing and tracking for him, you will need to start to slowly fall in love with marketing.
/Why using a broker to help you find the perfect home makes sense /

These days a lot of people avoid using a broker when they are looking to buy a home. They assume that with all of the information that is available online that they don’t need one. While strictly speaking it is true that you can buy a house without a broker there are a lot of benefits to using one. In almost all cases you will find that you are better off with a broker than without one.

The main reason that you want to use a broker to help you to find the perfect home is …

Government Housing Grants- Its Time You Exercise Your Rights

Government housing grants are helping millions of people get safe and secure housing. The most remarkable thing about these grants is that the homeowner does not need to pay them back. The housing grants of government are competitive and you need to follow some useful tips so that you are able to obtain them. First check out the department of Housing and Urban Development or explore about these grants and their qualification requirements on Internet. You will get information on various government grants and also how to qualify for them. Here you can obtain housing even without giving any down payment. Besides these grants, you may also get low interest or interest free loans and gather information on other aids as well.

If you need government housing grants because your house was damaged due to any natural catastrophe, you need to approach Federal Emergency Management Association. If there are genuine reasons behind applying for housing grants, you need to contact the concerned department. There are government grants that are available for common people also and it is not necessary that the entire fund will be provided to you. Depending on many factors, decision is taken and financial aids granted. There are programs like government grants for first time homebuyers, grant for home repair, housing and real estate funding and so on.

You have to choose the right financial aid from various government housing grants available. You can get complete information on Internet. By filling a simple form you will also be offered suggestions to apply for most suitable grant. All the information are free and you can search as many as you want. It will be easy for you then, so, compare and evaluate and then decide on applying for the most suitable one. But before that you will have to find out whether you qualify for the grant or not.

If you have decided to take advantage of the government housing grants, you should find out the requirements from the concerned website or office. If you are able to provide the necessary documents, you can easily apply for them and there are maximum chances that you will obtain the specific grant.


Curb Appeal: How You Can Spruce Your Outside Up!

When you are dealing with curb appeal, as we talked about in the last blog – you really need to think about what you, as a customer want to see.  You want to see flowers, trees and some bushes – however, what about the home itself?  Does it have a porch?  Is the porch cleaned off?  Have you power washed lately?  These are all things that you are going to need to take into consideration whenever you are looking at a home.

Power washing is something that many, many people forget about whenever they are looking to give their home a little curb appeal and to be honest, it is something that will really help you in the long run.  All of the dirt and grime that has built up on your house over the course of the years is something that power washing can take care of no problem!

As you can see – curb appeal is something that is very important.  If you want to sell your home, you need to make sure that you have it.…

Green Housing Grants

Green building is referred to remodeling or new construction that is done in such a way that it saves resources. The main intention of constructing this type of building is to make living healthier for the occupants. Not only this it is very affordable and easy to operate and maintain as well as they are very eco-friendly and more efficient in providing energy and water. Green housing grants are provided to those who are heading towards accepting and promoting this type of projects. These grants will also help people buy and live in this type of houses so that they participate in the drive of contributing in saving the resources.

Today, more and more people are trying to work for the benefits of the environment and are trying to do whatever they can do to save our planet earth. The only problem that most of them face is lack of finances. This is the reason why the government is proving grants to people who really need them and are dedicated to work for the betterment of the environment and earth. There are many different resources of funding for green housing projects. If you are interested, you can find out the most appropriate grants and then see whether you qualify to apply for that grant or not.

Once you have found the right green housing grants, you need to fulfill all the requirements. Make sure your house meets all the standards set for being eligible to come under the green housing project. There are some specific pre-requisites and you have to meet all of them. Follow the application procedure and instructions provided while filling out the form and then submit it before deadline to the relevant agency.

The fund for green housing can be used to buy materials and essential equipment needed for the construction work. You can also apply for these grants if you want to add energy saving measures in your house or wish to produce renewable energy. When you are looking for details regarding green housing grants online, you should be careful and visit only legitimate websites that has complete information.


Curb Appeal: How You Can Spruce Your Outside Up!

One thing that you might not realize whenever you are trying to sell you home is that prospective buyers are not just going to look at your home from the inside, they are going to look on the outside as well and that is why having curb appeal for your home is so … so important!  Whether it just starts out with planting a few flowers or you planting a few trees, curb appeal is something that is very, very important.

Another thing that you want to do is just make sure that your grass looks nice as well – there are many things that you can do to ensure that your grass is extremely healthy and that it looks green and nice too.  One of the first is going to be to cut it during the seasons that it needs to be cut and make sure that you are using some seeds as well to grow new grass and make your own grass thick and great looking.

We will talk more about what you can do for your home on the outside in the next blog – you’ll need to stay tuned for this one!…

Ashland City Tennessee Mortgages

If you’re looking to settle in Tennessee, you should look closely at Ashland City Tennessee mortgages. Located on the north side of the beautiful Cumberland River, Ashland City was incorporated in 1861. It still retains the charm or a small town, offering such interesting activities as Cumberland River Charters on the Blue Heron excursion boat. Hikers, bicyclists, bird watchers, and horseback riders can explore the Cumberland Bicentennial trail, have a picnic beside Borum Pond (a waterfowl resting area) or just stroll through 3.7 miles of magnificent, unspoiled nature.

From its location just a few miles northwest of Nashville, Ashland residents can experience the amenities to be found in a large city while enjoying the benefits of living in a small town. Ashland’s 3,400 residents have the best of both worlds at their fingertips. Housing costs are reasonable, and they are surrounded by the beauty of untamed nature. Ashland City Tennessee mortgages are available at today’s low rates.

Finding Ashland City Tennessee Mortgages

Whether you’re already living in Ashland or are considering a move to this charming city, you can now get information about Ashland City Tennessee mortgages right here on the Internet. Finding and using the services of a mortgage lender who knows what Tennessee residents need is simple. All you have to do is to enter the Tennessee city where you are purchasing your home or where you want to refinance.

When choosing a mortgage lender, you should know that there are almost always several different mortgage options that fit your circumstances. Look for a lender who offers you two or more choices in the type of mortgage you can get. When doing so, you should consider how long you plan to live in your home, how much equity you want to retain and whether you have the resources to choose a 15-year or 30-year mortgage. Compare both interest rates and closing costs before you make your decision.…


If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you are aware that I am a Baby Boomer.  I was in Phoenix, AZ, last week giving a seminar on Section 1031 and read, with some interest, an article that appeared in The Arizona Republic.

It appears that 18.5% of the recent purchasers of Time Shares are children of Baby Boomers.    “Many of those buyers are single professional women, who buy with the intent of traveling” with their friends.  Again as a Boomer myself, I would recommend to my children that they should always check out the management of the development. Always ask for recommendations on which developments allow you to more “easily” exchange your unit for another week in another development. Also, always purchase with the knowledge that Time Shares generally do not appreciate in value.  Finally, you might want to rent a unit in that Time Share development before committing to purchasing a unit. In fact, a lot of Time Share Resorts offer discount accommodations for prospective purchasers.…

Housing Grants for Low Income

Housing grants for low income group of people helps them meet the housing costs that they are unable to reach with their regular income. These grants are not always in cash as money is set aside as subsidies also. Low income homes are provided by government and non-government organizations. If you belong to low income group of people and you want to have your own house or repair or renovate your present house, you can look for the funding options available for people like you.

Today, with genuine efforts of the government, there are many alternatives that can be made use of. What you need to do is find the relevant financial aid options and apply for them. There is no limitation and you can apply for more than one grant also. See to it that you qualify for the grants and meet all the requirements before you submit the application form. Various grants are available and if you invest some time and put in some of your effort, you will definitely be able to find the relevant grants that are capable of fulfilling your needs.

Housing grants for low income are designed and created to help low income group of people find safe and comfortable home to live in. The worst affected section of society is the low income group of people. They have been underprivileged and trapped in low paid jobs. Just because of the lower income, most of them do not even think about buying their own house. The government wants to help them come out of the present financial condition. This is possible when they are provided with facilities that will help them progress in every field. The government is trying to provide them support in every aspect of life.

The different housing grants are under different names and they also require applicants and their homes to meet certain standard fixed by the department. Housing grants for low income are intended to support genuinely needy people and so you might have to provide certain documents and go through some verification process before and after applying for these grants.


City To City Moving

Let’s face it, city to city moving is a drag. Moving in general is often times a major pain in the neck, back, legs, arms, and sides. It’s never fun and most of us want to do as little of it as possible. In fact, those who can afford it frequently hiring moving companies and pay them thousands and thousands of dollars to do the whole thing, Unfortunately, most of us can’t afford to do that.

Some companies provide a service called “City to City Moving.” Rather than renting a truck or paying for a moving company, many of which are highly unethical and exploitative, you can choose to do something else. This third option, city to city moving, requires the moving resident to pack his or her things into incredibly durable, strong, portable storage units. These companies then deliver your belongings to your new home whenever you want.


City to City Moving Makes the Whole Process Much Less Stressful

Having worked as a mover for several summers during high school, I understand how stressful and complicated moving can be. It can also be very expensive. I made good money as a mover. More options exist today for those people moving from one city to another and many of these options are less expensive and more convenient. Competition breeds efficiency and lower prices.

That’s the beauty of capitalism. Most moving companies are the same and the only way they differentiate themselves is through reputation. When it comes to moving companies, most people say the moving company is either honest or dishonest. Well, I want more than honest. I expect honesty. I want convenience, service and reliability and very few city to city moving companies offer all of that. Luckily, I identified one.…

Free Government Housing Grants

Free government housing grants are available for individuals these days. The only thing they need to do is meet the eligibility criteria, qualify for the grants and provide the information that is essential in the application form. You have to choose one of the grants with utmost care because there are plenty of grants available to acquire safe and comfortable housing. The most amazing thing is that the government provides these grants to individuals without expecting them to pay the money off.

It is not necessary that all the government grants are free money as it depends on the grant that you apply for. When any one takes a loan he or she has to repay the money within the time limit provided in the agreement. But with the government grants they do not have to worry about the money at all. As long as the money is used in proper and assigned way, they are the money of the person who was awarded the grant money. Finance is also available for house improvement.

Free government housing grants are sanctioned and received only when the specific procedure is carried on. It is not that only by applying for the grants you will be awarded the money. You have to follow the procedure in any case and go through proper channel and only then your application will be considered. It is not that only rich and famous can achieve big or live a comfortable life. The government is trying to fill the gap as much as possible by providing government grants to needy people.

Having own house is still dreams of millions of people and most of them cannot fulfill this because of lack of sufficient money. Many are ready to pay the installments for the home loan but do not have the money for the down payment. The government understands these problems and has tried to solve them by providing financial assistance to people who are in real need. Free government housing grants are examples of the concern and intentions of the government to which anyone can qualify by meeting simple requirements.