Budget-friendly Bathroom Makeovers

If a bathroom makeover is simply not in your budget, you can still give it a major twist, with updating even a smaller part of your bathroom. Small changes can have a big impact in your life. To be able to make the most out of this makeover, you have to ask yourself on what aspect or area in the room will greatly bring positive effects to you afterwards. At times, you have to bring out the creativity in you.


You can try changing pastels or shades in the bathroom with bright and wonderful colored tiles. You can also try mixing and matching colors of the bathtub and sink. You can also rejuvenate old cabinets by repainting or re-facing them. Or, if you can, replace the old ones with new cabinets.

You may also want to give your bathroom a new ray of light. Swapping light fixtures for newer ones that will meet your taste for relaxation will be good. You may prefer ones that give out softer light for nice evenings in the tub with your favorite scents and candles, as well as swapping it then with brighter lights, to help you get stimulated in the mornings for a fresh, brand new start.

Another way is to give your wall a new treatment with colors and lines. This could be the simplest alternative for the makeover.

And lastly, you may also consider on upgrading your bathroom, aside from your hairdryer, with the latest in the entertainment industry like TV’s, stereos and DVD players.…

Marketing with bandit signs again?

Call it what you want. Cost effective marketing at its best. Bandit sign marketing kicks ass, and I usually don’t use profanity in my articles but this time I will leave that in there. I started my whole business on bandit signs. I have branched off into other ventures outside of real estate using bandit signs. Bandit signs are cheap, bandit signs are sexy, bandit signs can be cute, and can also be very ugly. Believe it or not, the ugly bandit signs are usually the ones that grab the most attention and get the most calls. Listen up folks, you don’t have to be all cute and fancy with these things. They are meant to do one thing and one thing only, and that’s to get the phone ringing so that you can start screening some leads and possibly get some deals and cash flow rolling in.

They come in may different sizes, colors and prices. What I have learned is that also come with many different motives. You wont be the only one using bandit signs in your city. Look and see what other business are marketing with their signs. You see them everywhere right? Oh you don’t, well you need to be that guy. lol. You should not be paying more than 2 bucks a sign. H wire stakes cost a buck or 2. You have 4 bucks into 1 sign, but if you are serious enough to minimize your cost, you can start printing them your self and laminating them with 3 mil lamination pouches, taping them to an h wire stake. Yeah, when I say guerrilla marketing is in effect for here on out, you better get ready.

Seriously, if bandit signs did not work, you would never see them all over the place, posted in the grass with stakes or on phone poles. Its all marketing. In the real estate field they are used by every single type of profession. From realtors, to brokers, to wholesalers, to landlord. Sell the sizzle and you will get the calls. So many people want to be hand feed but if you don’t try different messages out for your self you wont know what works will you. Usually for sellers its We Pay Cash For Houses and your number, and for cash buyers its, Handyman Special Cheap Cash and your phone number. You can get creative and add some numbers such as price in the sign to see what …


USA Today reported that former Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan, predicted that the “housing boom” is over. He said however, that there is no strong evidence that “…home prices will collapse.” He inferred that in the “frothy” markets it was too early to predict price declines. The new chairman, Ben Bernanke, additionally confirmed: “…it seems pretty clear now that the US housing market is cooling.” Finally, the government is also confirming what we have been reporting for more than 5 months now. The housing market has in fact slowed down and it will continue to slow down over the next 12 months. As a real estate attorney and Qualified Intermediary, I am actively involved with the real estate industry, so I hope I am wrong. But it really scares me when even Alan Greenspan agrees with me.
/Home Inspections … What Are They? /

Whenever you are looking to purchase a home, there are so many different things that you are going to want to take into consideration and the home inspection is one of them.  In these few blogs that are coming up, we are going to go through the choosing process and we are going to make sure that you get yourself the right home and with the right inspection.

One of the first things that you want to make sure that you are doing whenever you choose a home inspector is that the home inspector is professional and that they are experienced.  That is what is going to make sure that you get the right home and the best deal.

A good home inspector has testimonials to back up their work as well as a state license.…

Mortgages: Find The Right One!

Finding the right mortgage is almost as important as finding the right house.  You need to consider how long you want the mortgage to last, how much you can pay per month and of course what lender that you are going to go with.  All of these are very important subjects that you absolutely need to make sure that you look into – after all, you are stuck with the mortgage for a while once you get it.

That is why finding the idea mortgage for you is so important and why doing all of your research beforehand is so important.  The internet is a fantastic tool that you should use whenever you are looking for the right mortgage.

After all, you need to know exactly what you are signing half of your life away to right?  Right!…

The art of wholesaling real estate

I do like to consider that when I am wholesaling real estate it is indeed an art form. From the time the bandit signs are created to the time when the phone starts to ring. You had to do or create something to get that check your picking up from the closing table.

From deciding what is going to go on your bandit signs, or what graphics you are going to use on your direct mailing piece to send out, it is all an art from folks. Because real estate wholesaling is a business, it is best that you absolutely love the art from you are involved in. Start to get even more creative in your craft and watch you not have any competitors to worry about. Truly. When you test your marketing campaigns and try new things, who can tell you that the raised or lowered response to your campaign was going to happen? Only you know the outcome of that marketing campaign.

I say that to say this. If you are not trying by throwing paint on the wall to see if it begins to look like a piece art, how will you ever know its beauty if you don’t grab the paint brush. 80% of people sit around and watch others gab life by the horns. The other 20% are action takers. What side are you on? An artist never sold a painting if they never picked up a paint brush. Take actin out here folks. The deals are out here.…

The Perils of Renting and Scams: 2

When things get fishy and you are not sure that the offer you are so into is legitimate, there is one hard, fast, unbreakable rule: DO NOT PAY ANY MONEY!

Secondly, feel free to pester.  Let the potential landlord know you are uncomfortable with this situation.  Do not rest until you get a working phone number and address to reach the person, not to mention the verifiable address of the rental property.

If it is at all possible, acquire the services of a broker to act as a go between.  He or she will be able to ascertain whether this rental offer is legitimate, and it will save you from getting duped into anything.

Keep other properties in mind.  Sure, I am in love with this house, it suits all my needs, and it is affordable, but I know I logically have to realize that there are other places available out there.  I cannot hang all my hopes on this one property; I simply have to hope it turns out well.…

Blog1031.com: Three Optimization Strategies For Your 1031 Exchange

I frequently get asked how many properties one can sell, or for that matter replace (purchase), when doing a Section 1031 tax deferred exchange.  You are going to love this answer–the investor can sell (relinquish) ANY number of properties and then purchase (replace) a smaller number of properties. Many investors take this path because it generally leads to the reduction of management headaches. Alternatively, that same investor can diversify their holdings by selling one or more properties and purchase numerous properties. I have seen many investors purchase a number of properties as their replacement because they wish to spread their risk over a lot properties. Another neat idea for the investor is to spread their risk over several different states or geographic regions by utilizing §1031. This can be accomplished by replacing (purchasing) properties in different geographic areas, thus avoiding holding all of their properties in areas that have substantially appreciated and where prices have reached their peak.
/Plans for Rebuilding City after Christchurch Earthquake 2011/

The Press newspaper in Christchurch reported on the morning of the 30 March 2011 that ‘A new standalone government department with wide powers has been created to manage the rebuilding of Canterbury.’ The front page news stated that Cera is to be headed up by Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Browlee and will have similar powers to those granted to Civil Defence in a state of emergency. The department has been set up for a period of five years. New Zealand is currently in a national state of emergency that has been extended until the 31st March 2011.

Update on Life in Christchurch after Earthquake 2011

Life in Christchurch is slowly falling into a pattern of the new normal. As of 30 March 2011, authorities were advising that all water still needed to be boiled until further notice. This is in spite of some of the water being chlorinated. Water tankers are still supplying water to a large number of areas and watering of gardens is prohibited. Estimates are that it will take two years to rebuild the sewerage system and in the meantime, thousands of homes have been supplied with a chemical toilet. Portaloos are also seen on street corners in many areas. The electricity network is still fragile and people in the eastern suburbs have been asked to use as little electricity as possible.

The northwest of Christchurch was less affected by the earthquake as it is built on rocky soil. This has meant …

The Remains of the Roman City of Pollentia, Northern Majorca

Spain became part of the Roman Empire in around 120BC and the Balearics, strategically located between the mainland of the Iberian peninsula and Italy, were a significant part of the Roman occupation. The best-preserved remains from the period are the ruins of the city of Pollentia, located just outside the medieval town of Alcudia. Here, excavations have revealed parts of the residential area and the forum, while the town’s amphitheatre is a short distance away.

The remains of the town lie just outside Alcudia’s ancient walls. The Roman town was founded around 70BC and the initial archaeological finds were made in either the 16th or 17th century (different leaflets produced by the island’s tourist and civic authorities vary). No real attempt at excavation was made, however, until the early 20th century: the first serious dig took place in 1923 and archaeological explorations still continue on the site in summer.

La Portella: The Residential Remains at Pollentia

Closest to the modern town, the residential area of the excavations consists of the foundations and lower walls of three houses, the best preserved of which is the House of the Two Treasures (Casa dels dos Tresors) where the original layout of the property can be seen, with a central atrium surrounded by individual rooms.

The second house, the House of the Bronze Head (Casa del Cap de Bronze) is named for the horse’s head which was found there and is now on display in the museum in the town. The remaining house is least well preserved and underlies what’s left of the third-century walls which have been built over its foundations.

The Forum: Pollentia’s Administrative Centre

A short distance from La Portella is the Forum, the part of the Roman city most recently open to the public. Excavation work here is ongoing and new discoveries are regularly made. The Forum was the centre of Pollentia’s civil, religious and administrative functions as well as being the focal point of the settlement’s commercial activity.


In some parts of the Forum the walls of the buildings have been capped with cement, but it is still possible to gain an idea of what the area would have looked like. The remains of three temples, dating from the first century BC, are visible, along with the foundations of tabernae, which were formerly shops or workshops. Excavations have shown that the forum remains were used in later centuries as a necropolis, or burial ground.

The Teatre Roma: Pollentia’s Amphitheatre

Free Grant Money for Housing

Have you heard that there is free grant money for housing? Some of you must be thinking these are fake advertisements while some of you must have searched the net to find the truth. Well, it is true that there are free housing grants for people who need them, but there is a procedure through which everyone has to go through in order to get the money. If you go in search of these housing grants without any guidance, you will find it very tedious and time taking. It is better to make preparations and then plan and apply for the right grants that have the capability of funding your need.

Housing grants are available for people who want to repair or renovate their houses or make improvements to make living better and comfortable. Since the needs are different, so are the grants. You have to search the right grants and then apply for it. If you want to have a safe housing for your family, you can check out about the grants from the HUD department of your locale. Here you will be provided information regarding availability of the grants and the officials will also help you find the one for which you qualify.

Details of free grant money for housing can be researched from the legitimate website of the government also. Visit the website and browse through the housing grants. Depending on your need find out the grants and first of all try to find whether you qualify for it or not. The housing grants are given to those people whose houses fit in the standards set by the government and the value of the house is also comparatively less than the market rate. The HUD department can help you find one in your locality.

Make use of the resources to look for the most appropriate grants to apply for. You can also look for grants at local level and what your state government has to offer. Once you are able to find and apply for the best suitable grants, you will easily get free grant money for housing.


Government Housing Grants for Individuals

Government housing grants for individuals are available for all categories of people today. The only thing that you need to do in order to get the grant money is, qualify for the grants and then apply for it fulfilling the requirements. The application procedure for all grants varies from one another and so you have to read and understand the instructions carefully. Housing grants are of different types and available for the fulfillment of various needs. If you want to buy a new house or wish to repair or renovate your house, you need to apply for the relevant grants.

Search for the grants on the official website of the government so that you get complete and updated information regarding the grants you find fitting in your criteria. You can also find this out from the HUD department of your area, as they will be of great help for you especially if you are looking up to buy a new house. They will not only help you find the right grants to apply, they will assist you in looking for a good and safe housing that meets the standards set by the government. Once you and your house qualify for the grants, you will be allowed to place the application.

Remember that government housing grants for individuals are not available like gifts. You have to go through an application procedure, meet the requirements, submit the application filling accurately and submitting it to the relevant agency. You also have to wait for sometime to know the results of your grant application. You should be prepared for a negative result also. It is not necessary that if you have fulfilled all the requirements, you will receive the grant money also.

There are many factors that decide whether a candidate deserves the grant money or not. Try to persuade the panel and apply for the grants successfully. These grants are mainly for the lower and moderate income group of people. So when you apply for government housing grants for individuals you will also have to give your personal and financial details accurately and honestly.