Budget-friendly Bathroom Makeovers

If a bathroom makeover is simply not in your budget, you can still give it a major twist, with updating even a smaller part of your bathroom. Small changes can have a big impact in your life. To be able to make the most out of this makeover, you have to ask yourself on what aspect or area in the room will greatly bring positive effects to you afterwards. At times, you have to bring out the creativity in you.


You can try changing pastels or shades in the bathroom with bright and wonderful colored tiles. You can also try mixing and matching colors of the bathtub and sink. You can also rejuvenate old cabinets by repainting or re-facing them. Or, if you can, replace the old ones with new cabinets.

You may also want to give your bathroom a new ray of light. Swapping light fixtures for newer ones that will meet your taste for relaxation will be good. You may prefer ones that give out softer light for nice evenings in the tub with your favorite scents and candles, as well as swapping it then with brighter lights, to help you get stimulated in the mornings for a fresh, brand new start.

Another way is to give your wall a new treatment with colors and lines. This could be the simplest alternative for the makeover.

And lastly, you may also consider on upgrading your bathroom, aside from your hairdryer, with the latest in the entertainment industry like TV’s, stereos and DVD players.

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