Our company, Bayview Financial Exchange Services, LLC has been in the continual hiring process.  We started with 2 employees just 27 months ago and now have around 75 employees.   We are currently in the process of hiring approximately 10 additional employees.  It feels like all I have been doing over the past 18 months is hiring new employees.

As part of the interviewing process, I have learned that the most successful interviewees have truly prepared for the interview.  Here are some of my observations about some of our most successful interviews:  The interviewee has:  researched our company and has found out that we are a leader in the industry.  They have “Googled” my name and my co-vice president.  One of the interviewees even congratulated me on my recent appointment to the Board of Directors of the Federation of Exchange Accommodators (FEA)–I had only been appointed to the Board a couple of days earlier.  Even though our company has a business casual dress code, the interviewees have presented themselves well, by dressing in a corporate style dress code.  They usually arrive early for the interview and are prepared for what they believe are going to be tricky questions–trust me on this one–I don’t ask tricky questions, but I do want to know how they think they can fulfill the requirements of the job.  I am always looking for “good” people–note I said “good” people, not just good employees.  Well that’s it for our interview process–hopefully some good tips from an interviewer–hope it helps.

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