If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you are aware that I am a Baby Boomer.  I was in Phoenix, AZ, last week giving a seminar on Section 1031 and read, with some interest, an article that appeared in The Arizona Republic.

It appears that 18.5% of the recent purchasers of Time Shares are children of Baby Boomers.    “Many of those buyers are single professional women, who buy with the intent of traveling” with their friends.  Again as a Boomer myself, I would recommend to my children that they should always check out the management of the development. Always ask for recommendations on which developments allow you to more “easily” exchange your unit for another week in another development. Also, always purchase with the knowledge that Time Shares generally do not appreciate in value.  Finally, you might want to rent a unit in that Time Share development before committing to purchasing a unit. In fact, a lot of Time Share Resorts offer discount accommodations for prospective purchasers.

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