Best updates for your home to get big returns when you are selling

One of the secrets in remodeling your home is to keep up with the other homes in your community. Keep up with the smiths and determine whether you want to make some profit out of the enhancements or just recoup the money when you sell the property.

It is a tough decision if you will remodel or not especially during these tough times but doing these enhancements will improve the chances of attracting buyers and making it standout from other homes for sale nearby. Here are some updates you can do that will surely contribute to a successful and profitable selling:

Give your kitchen a facelift

If you have a nice, spacious kitchen, you can spruce it up prior to the sale by replacing appliances and changing the old cabinets. Improve the countertops and make sure you give the flooring an overhaul. You might spend about $20,000 but your house might sale faster compared to other properties and you can recoup as much as 80% of the cost of improvements. If you do not have the budget for it, you can give it a new character by changing the color palette of the space and making sure everything is very clean.

Re-do the Bathroom

It might be the smallest space at your home and remodeling this important spot will not have a very heavy price tag. Try to give it new tiles, medicine cabinet, fixture, flooring, and wallpaper. This might cost you around $16K with a recoup of about $12K. When total overhaul is beyond the budget, you can still improve it by reglazing your tub for about $400 and changing the shower head and faucets so it will look updated.

Window dressing

You can replace the old windows to make sure that they are beautiful and energy efficient. The total bill for this might go for around $11K and wll give a return of about 77%.

Patch of landscape

You ca n give the garden a little makeover by doing it yourself or hiring a professional landscape artist. It is an investment that will sure attract buyers and will sure return some money into your pockets.

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