A Leaky Toilet Can Cause Way More Than Just Water Damage


While you might not think that a leaky toilet is a real estate issue, if one of the houses that you are trying to sell or your own house that you are thinking about putting on the market has a leaky toilet, you should read below to ensure that you know exactly what type of damage leaky toilets can truly cause in the long run.  Everyday, leaking toilets result in about six billion gallons of water loss; that is one heck of a number from just a bunch of leaky toilets right?

What you may not realize is that everyday, toilets can lose anywhere from 30 up to 500 gallons of water just form a small and silent leak that is as little as a staple.  Now that you know all of the figures regarding leaky toilets, the damage is probably something that you are more interested in right?  For one, leaky toilets can cause black mold to form along with injuries, if someone slips and falls.

The solution?  Fix the leaky toilet as soon as you notice water on the floor that was not from a shower.

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